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NYRSR Site and Dispatch Manager

The Role

Dispatch and Site Manager: The site and dispatch manager is responsible for several tasks. As a Dispatch and Site Manager you will visit prospective clients, including both residential and commercial clients, and take pictures of sites to assist in the generation of seasonal quotes. After visits you will escalate site packages to your regional dispatch manager, operational managers, sales team individually and/or all at once.

  • Dispatch manager may visit prospective commercial clients and survey and complete a NYRSR Site Package to ascertain the extent of a project.
  • The Dispatch and Site Manager may visit prospective residential clients and complete a payment sign-up using NYRSR tablets.
  • Dispatch and Site Manager will be responsible for the dispatch and forewarning of technicians to all inclement weather within our scope index, on the day of, or day/s before, and ensure they are fully prepared and ready to service routes and clients.
  • Dispatch and Site Manager will be responsible for issuing active and service statuses to technicians the day of snow events, monitoring the service of client’s routes, re-routing technicians, and the receiving and forwarding of inbound pictures from servicing .
  • Dispatch manager will report and keep Regional Dispatch Manger, and/or Operations Manager abreast of impending weather forecast, as well as confirm service and active days.
  • Dispatch manager will contribute in the promotion of new service clients.

Site and Dispatch Manager will directly report to operations and regional managers.

Overview Responsibilities:

Your duties may or may not include the following: Snow Removal of residential and commercial properties, seasonal and non-seasonal properties, and corporate projects. In addition:

• Operation of a snow blower, plow truck or heavy equipment pursuant to your qualifications

• Clear snow from sidewalks, stairs, paved or parking areas.

• Utilization of equipment in a safe manner

• Operation of one or more types of heavy equipment and or trucks

• Spreading of salt and de-icers

• Assist snow removal team in loading and unloading of materials and supplies

• Fueling and performing basic maintenance to your assigned equipment

Skills and Qualifications:

• Skilled in excel

• Knowledge in Microsoft Word

Great customer service experience

Experience managing a team




Compensation for this position is commission based with a base commission and holiday and ending bonus per-project.