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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

1. For seasonal contracts do I need to schedule an appointment?

NO! For seasonal clients you do not need to schedule appointments. We have you on schedule, and upon 3 inches of snowfall we begin service to our properties.

2. How many times do we come out to a property?

We come out to a property once. We try to wait for as much snow accumulation and then we service our properties. We are also aware of icing and we attempt to service long before icing occurs.

3. Do clients need to be present?

No! Clients do not need to be present.

4. Are driveways included in seasonal packages and one-time bookings?

Driveways are not included, but for an additional cost can be added to the package or the one-time booking.

5. I saw something regarding overtime charges. Do seasonal clients get charged for overtime?

No! Seasonal clients are not charged for overtime. Overtime only applies to increase in snow indexes for call-in clients.

6. How long does it take for a technician to come out?

Depending on where you are in consideration to our route. It can take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours for us to service you. This applies to not only seasonal, but also call-in clients as well. However in the case of a blizzard, that time fluctuates to as much as 12 to 24 hours, depending on the severity of the weather. The minute we are able to service you, we will!

7. Do we service entire streets and work with neighborhood associations?

Yes we do! We work with neighborhood associations to service entire block communities. Estimates would be based on site inspections, and invoice submission.

8. Do we technically remove snow from properties, and can we?

No! We do not technically remove snow from properties. We aim to completely clear snow from the sidewalk abutting your property and in blizzard conditions we focus solely on clearing snow for entrance and exit only purposes.

Yes we can contract to remove snow from your property (commercial residence only). Inquiry as to the cost associated with doing so is needed.

9. Do we clear ice?

We do not clear ice, and in most cases we attempt to reach your property before icing occurs. In the event we reach your property and icing has occurred on our service route. We will clear the property.

10. Do we pretreat for snow events?

No! We do not pretreat properties, unless it is written into your package and paid for. We do salt upon completion of snow clearing for clients who have paid for salting?

11. Are we insured?

Yes we are insured. Simply ask us for a certificate of insurance, and one will be provided to you.

12. How long do seasonal contracts last?

Seasonal contracts last for the months of November 1st to April 30th.

13. Do we offer senior discounts?

Yes we do! We offer a 10% senior discount to all persons contracting with us over the age of 65.

14. Do we pro-rate if you contract with us after the season has begun?

No! We do not pro-rate if you contract after the season has begun. Our rates are based on an average seasonal snowfall, and not days.

15. Do we accept checks?

Unfortunately, we do not accept checks and payment for all service is due up front.

16. Can we sign other company contracts given to us for service?

We cannot sign second party contracts. If there is something specific required. Please speak to your dispatch manager and inquire with them.

17. Once a residence or business is cleared, do we return?

No! We will clear your snowfall at the end of any snow event booked, or at the most feasible period during blizzard conditions. However, if snow should fall again or during blizzard conditions (continues) after we have cleared the initial snowfall, we do not return, and another booking is required.

18. What does it mean to be in blizzard schedule and rates?

When an insurmountable amount of snow is threatening to fall. Our rates and schedules change. Our rates are higher, and we are not operating on our normal schedule time frame. Reaching you may depend upon whether the weather allows us to at the time. In some cases that time period can be up-to 24 hours.

19. Do we stay on your property throughout snowfall?

No! Unless your seasonal budget encompasses that you have service technicians clear snow throughout a snow event, we do not stay on properties during snow falls, and we will only clear either at the end of a snow fall or when feasible, during blizzard conditions. If your property requires we clear throughout the duration of a snow fall, please let your service manager know.

20. Should there be snow or slush left over after a service tech services your property.

There very well may be some residue left over after a technician services your property. In some weather events where there is a mixture of precipitation (rain and snow) there may be some unavoidable freezing. In that case our technicians will try their very best to remove all residue from your sidewalks. However, sometimes there may be some residue, and with the mixture of residue and salt, you may get some slush remaining after the ice melts. We do our best to avoid this, and leaving a clean unnoticeable sidewalk is our achieved goal 99% of the time, but not always possible.

21. Are they roll-overs on per-event services.
If you purchase a per-event service during the snow season, and do not use all the events. The events do not roll over to the next season.