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The Role

Field Technician: The field technician will be responsible for roving to various NYRSR Projects as well as overseeing technicians on certain job locations. The field Technician will handle commercial as well as residential projects throughout the 5 boroughs and service routes as well as dispatch out to call-ins during inclement weather.

  • Field Technicians may visit prospective commercial clients and survey and complete a NYRSR Site Package to ascertain the extent of a project.
  • Field Technicians may visit prospective residential clients and complete a client sign-up using NYRSR tablets.
  • Field Technicians will upon notice of inclement weather (notified by Dispatch Manager) report to a designated site storage location and pre-inspect and load equipment onto their NYRSR Service Vehicle and be ready to service locations upon snow abating.
  • Field Technician will be on standby for Service and Active statuses from Dispatch Managers during the season.
  • Field Technicians will directly report to Dispatch Managers.
  • Field Technicians are responsible for turning in service form reports once jobs are done.

Overview Responsibilities:

Your duties may or may not include the following: Snow Removal of residential and commercial properties, seasonal and non-seasonal properties, and corporate projects. In addition:

• Operation of a snow blower, plow truck or heavy equipment pursuant to your qualifications

• Clear snow from sidewalks, stairs, paved or parking areas.

• Utilization of equipment in a safe manner

• Operation of one or more types of heavy equipment and or trucks

• Spreading of salt and de-icers

• Assist snow removal team in loading and unloading of materials and supplies

• Fueling and performing basic maintenance to your assigned equipment

Skills and Qualifications:

• Ability to use snow blowers and sweepers

• Must have a valid drivers license.


$30 Per home with no driveway. $45 Per home with 1 Driveway. $60 Per home with 2 Driveways

Your bonus is rate is (TDB Per Project)

5% annual raise on reoccurring seasonal contract clients. Up to 5 years.

Bonus payouts: On or around December 23rd and April 30th